Looking into the Future: Mixed Reality

A presentation by Amir Jahangir, CEO Mishal Pakistan

Venue: Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center – Beta Zone
Meeting: Summit: at the Annual Meeting of the New Champions, Tianjin 13 — 15 September 2010

An Interactive Session on: Looking into the Future: Mixed Reality

Mixed reality merges the real with the virtual, connecting people in new ways to unlock human potential, creativity and learning.


Once upon a time a man wanted to tell his story to the world

He drew what he saw

He scribbled

He spoke

Words started to cover land

He thought in images

He wanted to tell his neighbors, his neighbors’ neighbors, their neighbors

He began to create images

He sought efficiency and precision

He started to share the images he clicked

He wanted to be heard

Messages started to travel

He said hello for the first time to a distant voice

He swayed to the rhythm and blues

He wanted to capture instances

He wanted more people to hear, to know, to feel

He made an impact

He made his way to people’s home

He wanted his business partners to know

He took his family, friends and his work everywhere he went…

His world became much smaller, as his audience grew in number

The World continues to learn, believe and create.

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