Friends turn foes turn friends turn…

Water-sharing is turning out to be one of the most critical yet solvable challenges that our irrigation is facing.

Recently, the Balochistan Irrigation Minister has threatened Sindh of stopping its water supply to Karachi if it fails to release it’s due share. Crops spread over millions of acres in Naseerabad and Jaffarabad have been destroyed due to Aitch-two-O’s shortage. (update: IRSA’s officials have resigned over CJ Link Canal)

But the good news this time around is that it isn’t Punjab. The blame falls on Sindh. So we wait for the next bulletin to see, how Sindh deals with Balochistan or the foreseeable Karachi’s water crisis.

It sometimes makes one wonder keh who’s lying ‘now’. Is it Punjab’s Irrigation, or is it Irsa or The Politicians. I know if nothing works lets blame it on RAW or Mossad.

Waisey bhi who would’ve known a decade ago that water is going to turn out to be such a HOT commodity.

Abrar did (thesis coming up very soon!)

It’s a completely new dimension for those people who chose to live in ignorance and thought that their generations to come and the next will out-live this exceptional yet scarce resource.

‘WATER’ the 360 Degree Masla!

However, staying with the irrigation issue, the inter-provincial conflict dates back to pre-partition, later when the fed interfered and allocated water on adhoc basis, mostly favouring Punjab; That there was one friendly moment in ’91 when the four chief ministers agreed on the Indus Water Accord. Regardless of which what started pre ’47 continues till this day.

The Representatives continue to resign every day, as they fail to tackle the resentment and fall through on the assurances and the re-assurances over the formula for the distribution. Many realize that the country despite relying on the sole Indus River System is being exposed to the increase in demand for consumption, exploitation of groundwater, to the sinking tube wells etc etc. And then ‘we’ are not too keen on building dams either, yet willing to live with a possible food crisis and without the power supply…why because ‘we’ find ways of being numb to our rights that the state has promised.

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